USTA Taekwondo

We are proud to represent USTA Taekwondo. Taekwondo is the Korean art of self defense. It is used in military training, self defense programs, and even in the Olympics.


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The USTA (United States Taekwondo Association) was founded by Grandmaster Richard Chun to promote a high level of Taekwondo both nationally and internationally. He is one of the oldest living Korean masters in the USA. He is a true pioneer inĀ  helping spread Taekwondo both to the USA and the world . For a short BIO of GM Chun, click here



The goal of Gator Pit Taekwondo USTA:

  • To pass on Taekwondo in an easy to understand, undiluted format that anyone (who is willing to work hard) can learn.
  • Keep tuition affordable, so there is no financial burden
  • Help students learn and develop skills they can use for Self Defense, Fitness, Tournaments, or any other endeavor they wish to pursue
  • Ensure that rank is earned as an award for hard work, commitment, and knowledge

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