Hi guys, I am Brian Andrews, the owner and head instructor at Gator Pit. Thank you a again for viewing my page. I am a 3 stripe brown belt under Adam Trees. I teach and train every day to ensure that I pass on the highest level of jiu jitsu I am able to teach to my students. I also hosts numerous seminars throughout the year to ensure that Gator Pit stays up to date on the latest innovations in the art!

Me and Adam
Brian Andrews and Adam Trees

Matt Padgett is the head coach for our Kids Program. He has been training at Gator Pit for 4 years. Previously, he coached football for 8 years (5th-12th grade).

He is a great instructor who ensures the children learn Jiu Jitsu and have fun learning (rather than playing tag, dodgeball, etc to fill time). Our kids and parents love him!

Coach Matt Padgett (Left)
Coach Matt Padgett (Left)

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