On April 14th, Crosley Gracie will be coming to our academy in Shreveport!

The seminar will be 2 hours long, and there may be time for private lessons beforehand. I will update you soon!


This will be a great opportunity! Everyone should plan on being there.

More info:

Professor Crosley Gracie was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, son of Rosley Gracie and grandson of founder of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Carlos Gracie. He began training in 1988 with uncle Reylson Gracie. In 1992, already training under his uncle Carlson Gracie’s supervision, Crosley entered competition for the first time, winning his first ever jiu-jitsu match by triangle choke. In 1999, after competing in several national and international tournaments, Crosley moved to U.S.A. to further improve his fighting and teaching skills by studying wrestling, boxing and muay thai.

In 2003, Professor Crosley was awarded his Black Belt by cousin Ralph Gracie and made his professional debut in MMA defeating the very experienced Welterweight Pancrase Champion, (29-13-7) from Japan, by unanimous decision at the Pancrase 10th Anniversary Event in Tokyo, Japan.

In his second appearance in Mixed Martial Arts competition, at Pride Bushido 5, also in Japan, Crosley went 2-0 with a submission win against highly regarded ring veteran, Hayato Sakurai (35-9-2), considered to be one of the best and most exciting welterweight fighters in the world, who was never submitted in competition before.

In 2005, Professor Crosley Gracie opened a 7000 sq/ft. facility in Northern California and continues to pass along to other all his knowledge and experience of over 22 years of training in combat sports and athletics. More recently, he placed first in the 2010 No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Worlds in the Masters division, after a 4 year lay off from competition. Crosley is now focused on dedicating all his time in raising his 4 year old daughter, teaching and running Crosley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Such commitment has earned the school the Best of Brentwood Reader’s Poll Award for the past five consecutive years.

“My mission is to provide my students a clean, respectful and disciplined place for Martial Arts training where they can express themselves, explore and improve their physical, mental and spiritual health. By my family’s training traditions and beliefs, I strive to introduce them all, the key elements for an improved and healthier lifestyle to help maintain an excellent quality of life.  

As a third generation of Martial Arts academy owner and fighters, combat sports have always been a part of my in life. In my martial arts career, I’ve come across, trained and learned from the best in the industry. Through training, I’ve been exposed and interacted with members from all social classes of society, enabling me to experience the powerful and positive influence martial arts training has in anyone’s lives.  All the time spent in my youth observing, training with and learning from legendary fighters including members of my own family, were invaluable to me. This privilege, in addition to my own training and competition experiences, enables me to select the most efficient training methods to anyone who walks into our gym. Men, women and children of all ages. ” 

-Crosley Gracie Bio

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