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Crosley Gracie coming to Gator Pit!

  On April 14th, Crosley Gracie will be coming to our academy in Shreveport! The seminar will be 2 hours long, and there may be time for private lessons beforehand. I will update you soon!   This will be a great opportunity!...

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5 minute Workout for Martial Arts

Man Maker Workout (If you aren’t a man, sorry I didn’t name it!) Most of us have little spare time, between work, family, and other obligations. You might do good to get to class 2x per week. That is okay. You are...

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Great workout for jiu jitsu and life

Randy Couture’s Grappling Circuit Regardless of why you train, or what you train…MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or traditional martial arts(karate, taekwondo, etc), it is very important to keep your body healthy and...

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Lots of things happening!

A quick update for everyone! On March 24 we will be going to the Team LDMA competition seminar. This will be a great time to learn lots of jiu jitsu from 4 black belt instructors. After the seminars, there will be optional inner...

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